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21 Jan 2021

How To Install Docker And Portainer On Rapid.Space

It's easy to install Docker and run portainer in a linux server. But when it comes to IPv6 support, here are some procedures you might want to know.
18 Dec 2020

Ansible to Conditionally Prompt for Variables

As a part of the installation of [SlapOS node](https://deploy.erp5.net/slapos), the Ansible playbook is written in `yml` file. Since it is the first time I worked with ansible playbook, I surely don't much about it while I do try to realise a function: conditionallise the prompt for variables.
04 Dec 2020

Redirect Ports on Rapid.Space VPS

Every Rapid.Space machine(VPS) has 2 interfaces connected to the internet: ens3 and ens4.
21 Oct 2020

How To Use Buildout To Create an HTML5 Application Server

This document will present and explain the improvements of an existing software release available on SlapOS: HTML5 Application Server(html5as). Readers can therefore have an understanding of how Buildout works on SlapOS and [Webrunner](https://webrunner.nexedi.com/). To follow the steps in this document, you are supposed to know the architecture of SlapOS and be familiar with [Buildout](http://www.buildout.org/en/latest/). There is also a tutorial to [Extend Software Release: helloworld](https://slapos.nexedi.com/slapos-Tutorial.Extend.Software.Release) can be referred to.
10 Oct 2020

Install IPv6 in PC

Rapid.Space provides IPv6 connection on all servers, however, most ISP (Internet Service Provider) in China only provide IPv4 network. In order to help Rapid.Space users in China to adopt IPv6, without using proxy to access Rapid.Space service, we are going to introduce a simple way to install IPv6 in your particular machine(Linux, Windows or Mac), so your machine can use IPv6.